Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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My warmest greetings to the National Livelihood Development Corporation as you hold your 8th Sustainable Income for People in the Agrarian Grassroots (SIPAG) Awards.


Empowerment brings you together on this occasion, and unifies your actions to revitalize the countryside.  This celebration upholds the culmination of your endeavors, as your awardees make manifest the deepening commitment among Filipinos to eradicate poverty, pursue the path of self-reliance, and be responsible for their community’s progress.  May this year’s SIPAG Awards give way to pursuits that further inspire growth from the grassroots, sustaining the wave of optimism in our localities, and in our countrymen, who have historically been relegated to society’s margins.


At the core of our collective mission to transform the nation is the drive to enable our people to secure better lives for themselves and, thereafter, to motivate them to become builders of the just and equitable nation we aspire for.  We are beginning to witness this transformation.  May we remain steadfast in catalyzing positive change, that we may leave for the coming generations a Philippines poised for further heights and greater tomorrows.


To the awardees, congratulations; may you continue to realize the potential of the Filipino.











27 September 2013




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