Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Pnoy's Message : 7th SIPAG
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Twenty-five years into its existence, the National Livelihood Support Fund, now renamed National Livelihood Development Corporation, held the first national convention of all Rural Finance Institutions serving as conduits of its Microfinance Program in September 2006. The NLDC conceived during this convention, the "Sustainable Income for People in the Agrarian Grassroots" or SIPAG as a humblegesture of appreciation for the active role and participation of the private microfinance institutions in the service of its mandate. Launched by the then President of the Philippines herself, the SIPAG evolved into an annual event with the following intentions:
- To serve as a celebration of the successful partnership of the National Government and private Rural Micro-finance Institutions (RMFIs) in the delivery of micro-financing and other livelihood support services in the rural areas, more particularly in agrarian reform communities; and,
- A venue for the re-affirmation/renewal of commitments
Highlighting the celebration is the conferment of the SIPAG Award to the Program Conduits that have shown notable accomplishments in the implementation of NLDC's Microfinance Program. Initially serving as a symbol of success measured by standards set under the NLDC Program, the Award gas gradually evolved towards a level of recognition acknowledged and respected by all institutions in the Microfinance Community.

The primary service of the NLDC Program is the development and provision of micro-financing in rural communities that can be easily accessed by enterprising members of farmer households living within the threshold of poverty. The peak of NLDC's advocacy and ultimate measure of its success are marginalized and OFW clients who were able to lift themselves up from poverty by engaging in productive microenterprise ventures under the assistance of the NLDC programs and its MFI Partner Conduits. Those who can best serve as epitomes of success are nominated yearly by Program Conduits from among the thousands they assist under the NLDC Programs. The top ten (10) nominees are selected each year and conferred the SIPAG Award to serve as living testimonies of success and ambassadors of hope in the battle against poverty.

- To recognize program partners for exemplary performance in the delivery of NLDC microfinance program services
- To recognize microentrepreneurs, assisted under the NLDC Microfinance program, who have shown exemplary credit discipline, notable growth, and sustained productivity in their business undertakings
- To recognize the important role of account officers in their commitment and continuous efforts for the growth and development of SIPAG Microentrepreneur Awardees
- To further strengthen partnership with MFIs and other partner agencies, and to serve as venue in building rapport among microfinance practitioners nationwide
- To encourage and give inspiration to people, especially those who are in the marginalized sector, who wish to start a small business
- To further promote the National Livelihood Development Corporation as one of the government's lead agencies delivering microfinance services in the country
The Seed of Life

A cold-cast bronze trophy depicting the "Seed of Life" will go to each of the SIPAG Awards National Winners.

The National Livelihood Development Corporation adopted this artwork in 2008 as the official emblem of the Awards.

A commissioned work by sculptor-painter Seb Chua, the Seed of Life is a representation of the core mission and work of NLDC, which is to provide critical support to budding entrepreneurial efforts at the grassroots. Furthermore, the micro-businesses that the NLDC helps are likened to the sprouting seed image that the artwork denotes. The material of the trophy is a cold-cast bronze to signify stability and strength-attributes of the metal element.

Glorious life grows out of a relatively miniscule seed. The nurturing efforts of the NLDC and its partner Microfinance Institutions does the same as their partnership gives rise to better lives in the countryside.

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