Saturday, April 29, 2017
Citizen's Charter

Vision Statement

By 2020, to cover all agrarian reform communities with a sustainable credit assistance and enterprise development interventions.

Mission Statement

To deliver microcredit and agri-financing services to rural and agrarian reform communities.

Societal Goal

Inclusive Growth & Poverty Reduction

Sector Outcome/s

        - Increased Income in Agricultural and Fisheries Sector

        - Financial System made Resilient and Inclusive

Organizational Outcome/s

Self-sustained livelihood and community-based enterprises in agribusiness and agrarian reform

Culture and Core Values

NLDC at all times shall live out a  Culture of Service.

In doing so, every employee is committed to serve with:
  • Commitment    -    dedication and loyalty to duty
  • Integrity - adherence to code of ethics
  • Team work - complement each other towards a common goal
  • Excellence - doing the right things right all the time
  • Social (Societal) Responsibility - awareness to public responsibility

Feedback and Redress Mechanism

As we constantly strive in improving our customer care service, we highly value your comments
and suggestions. We hope to receive your feedback through the following office channels:

  • Webpage
  • Phone-in at (632) 817-30-15 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM through our Accounts Development and Management Group (ADMG) and personally talk to our Account Managers/Account Officers assigned in your areas.
  • Fax at (632) 817-30-15

Thank you for your valuable assistance and contribution.


The NLDC operations and guiding policies are directed towards the implementation of its mandate under EO 681 to "undertake the promotion, generation and development of livelihood and community-based enterprises primarily in agri-business, including those in the Agrarian Reform Communities that will cater to the low-income bracket.  To achive this, the NLDC provides wholesale loans to Rural Financing Institutions, Cooperatives and Non-Government Organization who in turn, sub-loans it to the intended end-beneficiaries.

Below is the simplified process of joining the NLDC in providing microfinance assistance to the poorest of the poor.  Click on each box for the detailed process and the corresponding requirements.

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