Wednesday, June 28, 2017
NLDC Holds Its Midyear 2014 Performance Assessment


The Governance Commission for GOCCs or GCG released a press statement referring to its second annual Performance Agreement Negotiations (PAN) with GOCCs last July 25, 2014. The PAN, according to GCG, "embodies its mandates to institutionalize a performance-oriented culture in the GOCC sector by creating performance scorecards for each GOCC."

In line with this, the National Livelihood Development Corporation was tentatively scheduled for a PAN last September 11, 2014, and to prepare for this, NLDC held its Midyear Performance and Target setting for 2015 last August 19 to 20 to consolidate the accomplishments of different groups for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2014. During the event, the issues and factors that affected the performance were identified and measures to mitigate effects were suggested. NLDC's strategy map was also finalized. More importantly, the activity concretized the agency's targets for 2015 and identified the strategic initiatives which can hasten the achievement of the GCG-aligned performance scorecard.

The Midyear Planning activity was held at El Cielito Hotel in Makati City and was attended by a total of 28 NLDC employees including the NLDC President, Group Heads, Department Managers, Division Chiefs, Area Managers, and Unit Heads. 



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