Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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NLDC Prepares for the 2014 Business Forum for Luzon MFIs

On February 19 to 21, the National Livelihood Development Corporation, in cooperation with Alalay sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (ASKI) will conduct the 2014 Business Forum at Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio City, to be attended by top executives of the microfinance institutions (MFIs) operating in Luzon.

This year’s theme “Building Resilience among the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)” aims to discuss the hottest and current issues affecting the Philippine Economy as a whole, and the microfinance sector in particular, featuring the 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration and the Climate Changes Adaptation that the country is facing.


NLDC Convenes MFIs to Brace for 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration

One major focus of this event is the 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration. A discussion about it will be presented and facilitated by Mr. Noel de Luna of the Department of Agriculture, International Relations Division and Mr. Ruben Carlo Asuncion, an Economics Professor, will deal with the question “Cooperation or Competition in Agriculture and Finance?”

In the presentation to be discussed by Mr. de Luna, he will define AEC as a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic and an equitable economic development region, and a region fully integrated into the global economy by 2015.

Also, he will be discussing AEC’s process and means. The AEC according to his presentation is a free flow of goods that would require not only zero tariffs (actually 0 -5% which started in 2010) but the removal of non-tariff barriers as well.

Towards the end, a workshop will be undertaken to come up with strategic options for MFIs to address either cooperation or complementation.

It is important to know the role of MFIs in the upcoming change in the market and the 2014 Business Forum for Luzon is a great avenue to learn more on how the MFIs will be able to prepare. Adjust with the birth pains of the economic change and acquire knowledge on how they will be affected.


NLDC gears up for MFI’s resilience against Climate Change

Along with the discussion about the 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration will be key presentations focusing on coping mechanisms for MFIs, since in the past years calamities have been greatly affecting our country. DOST Asec. Raymund Liboro will present “Climate Change and Environmental Hazards: The MFIs Adaptation Strategies”, Kerygma Motivational Speaker JC Libiran will share his thoughts on “Coping Mechanisms: Recovering from Disasters”, and Mr. Rommel Herrera, Director of DOF-International Finance Group, will discuss “Beyond Just Raising Funds: MFIs Strategic Approach to Resource Mobilization” which will boost either the expansion or rehabilitation efforts of the MFIs.

Workshops will also be integrated in the Business Forum aimed on formulating adaptation strategies including the identification of the risk areas in microfinance, the level of risk, risk management, quality and trends. Also, the learning experiences on disaster management from Luzon MFIs will be discussed during the workshop. The scope of these learning experiences will be the following:


-          Actual phenomena of MFIs that have been devastated by natural calamities

-          Process of disaster management employed in the situation

-          Amount of disaster preparedness information received by the community


-          Assets lost after the disaster

-          Enterprises that were affected by the calamities and why these enterprises have been the most affected ones


-          On Financial Risk

-          On current disaster management process

-          On Information dissemination


-          Council’s next steps after these disasters

-          Any post-disaster interventions




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