Wednesday, June 28, 2017
NLDC clarifies report on bonuses

We  are  writing to correct  an erroneous  news  article  about the performance  bonuses  received  by the  Board of  Trustees  (BOT)  of  the  National Livelihood Development Corp. (NLDC),  written  by  columnist  Jess Diaz  in    the  November 2, 2013  edition of  your newspaper (“GOCC head  facing pork raps  got P342K performance  bonus”, page  4,  Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013).

The amount  mentioned in the  article  (Php 342,000) refer  to  total  benefits  received  by  every  Board of  Trustee,  inclusive  of    per diem  for   attending  EXECOM  meetings  (Php 5,000 per meeting) and  BOT meetings  (Php 10,000 per meeting)  which are  standard and allowable  incentives provided to a   GOCC  governing body.     The  Performance Based  Bonus (PBB) for  2012 authorized by the  Governance  Commission for GOCCs (GCG)  comprised  only 47 percent of the  total  benefits.     The   PBB  granted  to trustees   Gondelina  G.  Amata,   Concepcion G.  Dodd and  Manuel  Q. Gotis amounts  only  to  P162,000 each  while  trustee   Susana  E. Leones received  P171,000.   

Mr. Jess  Diaz’    article   is an exaggeration of  the  amount  and   tends  to  mislead  the  public  about “hefty”  performance  bonuses  of  NLDC’s  head and  BOT  members.   We  attached  the accurate information  we sent   to  the  Hon.  Congressman  Neri  J. Colmenares, who  we  presume is  the source  of the  information for your  article  in the  Philippine STAR.   What we  submitted as  response  to  the Honorable  Congressman’s  request  for  full transparency  (copies attached)  was   twisted and exploited  irresponsibly  in  the print media.

Allow us  to also  express  the  fact  that the  PBB  granted  to the  NLDC BOT  and  staff  was   based on the    performance  of  our mandate  which  we  reiterate is  not  PDAF.   The  PBB  was granted on the basis of   NLDC’s  2012   performance  in its   lending operations  (i.e. wholesale lending  to  microfinance institutions  for relending especially  to  Agrarian  Reform Communities)  allowing the  Corporation  to earn its  keep and  earn  a   positive net   income,   fifty percent (50%)  of  which  is reverted back  to the National Government in the  form  of  corporate dividends.

We participated as  implementing  agency of  PDAF  with  hesitance (expressed in  writing to the  Department of  Budget and Management  sometimes in 2008),  charging  a  management  fee of  3%  and  not  10%  as  voiced  out  by  whistle blower Mr. Ben Hur Luy.    The management  fee  is  booked  in   our  accounts  and  contributes in  part  to   the amount  reverted  to the   National Government as   annual  dividends. 

We  find  it   grossly unfair  to  crucify   NLDC  for its  participation in the  PDAF when  our officers  have yet  to  receive  their formal  notice  from the  Ombudsman.   We also  find it  irresponsible to  equate the  performance-based bonus received  for  2012  to  accusations   related  to   NLDC’s  role as one of the implementing agency in the  PDAF  whose  audit   covers  the  period  from 2007  to   2009.

-RAQUEL  B. CASTRO, Head, Planning and Promotions  Division, National Livelihood Development Corporation.


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