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8th SIPAG Awards 2013

Pres. Gondelina Amata delivering her Welcome Speech

Board of Trustees Chairperson, Land Bank Pres. Gilda Pico delivering her message

Board of Judges and Pres. Amata with the SIPAG 2013 Awardees

Pres. Amata and Pres. Gilda Pico with the National Winner (Microentrepreneur Category) Floraiwin Cainglet

Seed of Life trophies

Ms. Raquel Castro (Head, Corporate Affairs & Planning Dept. - NLDC) delivering her closing remarks
On December 3, 2013, the National Livelihood Development Corporation held its 8th SIPAG Awards (Sustainable Income for People in the Agrarian Grassroots) with the theme “Promoting Inclusive Growth through Responsible Microfinance”.

This year’s theme, “Promoting Inclusive Growth through Responsible Microfinance” encourages our program partners to become responsible agents of inclusive growth – a growth rapid enough to matter, sustained to create job opportunities to the Filipinos, one that draws the majority into the economic and social mainstream and a growth that reduces mass poverty. The poverty-focus in microfinance makes it a popular tool for inclusive growth but transparent microfinance practices and policies, those that will do no harm to our microfinance clientele and our environment make “Responsible Microfinance” a more potent tool for inclusive growth.

The peak of NLDC’s advocacy and the ultimate measure of its success are those who were able to lift themselves up from poverty by engaging in productive microenterprise ventures under the assistance of the NLDC programs and its MFI Program Partners. Those who can best serve as exemplars of success are nominated each year by Program Conduits from among thousands that they assist under the NLDC programs. Four (4) Regional Winners from Luzon I (covering Cordillera Administrative Region, Regions 1, 2 and 3), Luzon II (covering Regions 4 and 5), Visayas and Mindanao are conferred the SIPAG Award each year, from where the National Winner is selected. The award is being conferred to winners to serve as living testimonies of success and ambassadors of hope in the battle against poverty. 
The holding of the 8th SIPAG Awards is a momentous event as it marks the first time that it is conferring recognition to a new breed of Filipino heroes: the Overseas Filipino Workers-Microentrepreneurs (OFW-Microentrepreneur). This award category recognizes NLDC’s OFW clients and their dependents, who ventured into microenterprises either to safeguard their hard-earned savings, to start, grow and sustain their small business by accessing additional capital from partner microfinance institutions participating in the NLDC-OWWA Livelihood Development Program for OFWs (LDPO).

Implemented in 2004, the LDPO is a joint program of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the National Livelihood Development Corporation (NLDC) which provides a credit facility for overseas workers and their dependents in starting and/or sustaining their businesses. Over the 9 years of program implementation, some 1,323 OFWs and 746 dependents have already accessed the lending facility through NLDC’s partner microfinance institutions. The program has additionally generated 5,384 jobs.

This year and onwards, the OFW Microentrepreneur Award shall become one of the highlights of the NLDC’s SIPAG AWARDS.

SIPAG celebrates the strong partnerships we built over the years with dedicated microfinance institutions who share with us a noble passion to uplift the lives of many Filipinos, particularly in the countryside. It embodies our humble gesture of gratitude to these program partners who continue to inspire us with the innovations they pursue to deliver their services in areas never before treaded by regular financing institutions and the prudent management they continue to practice to sustain their operations.

More importantly, SIPAG celebrates the success of our end clients, their transformation from mere recipients of small microloans into empowered microentrepreneurs, creating a better future for their families and their children’s families. These micro entrepreneurs portray the actual “faces of microfinance”—NLDC’s brood of catalysts for social and economic development in the countryside.

SIPAG Awards will always serve as a passionate affirmation of the NLDC’s mandate to reach out for more as it journey towards the realization of its vision for a sustainable development in the agrarian reform communities.


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