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Documenting Global Best Practices on Sustainable Models of Pro-Poor Rural Financial Services in Developing Countries

Project Inception Workshop in Thailand

May 15-16, 2014

The National Livelihood Development Corporation was invited by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) through the Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) to the Project Inception Workshop for the recently approved grant on “Documenting Global Best Practices on Sustainable Models of Pro-Poor Rural Financial Services in Developing Countries”. The said project covers five countries, People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Thailand. NLDC sent Mr. Onesimo Cuyco, from the Institutional Development Department under the Accounts Management and Development Group to attend the 2-day workshop.

The workshop aimed at presenting existing country experiences on the delivery of rural financial services/schemes and innovations, solicit inputs to deepen the contents and strengthen the processes of the project, and come up with the recommendations for clearer project implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

During the workshops, the participants were grouped per country, and were directed to come up with an over-all (2014-2017) and first year (2014) activity timetables. They developed strategic partnership agreement or declaration, delineating inputs, responsibilities and tasks of project stakeholders, and listed of additional recommendations. Also, during the workshop, the representatives listed some of the international and National experts on documenting the best practices.

Forty (40) participants, coming from APRACA member institutions, IFAD-supported investments projects and other selected partners in the five project countries as well as invited international experts and officers from IFAD, FAO and APRACA came for the workshop. The countries in attendance where Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam. The focus of the study, however, shall be the Philippines, Thailand, India, China, and Indonesia, which will each form a country working group.

The Activity Report of the IFAD-Supported APRACA Regional Project highlighted the key immediate objectives of the document project: “a) Document the global best practices in the identified themes which will be selected and rated in terms of appropriateness to the Asia-Pacific Region”, “b) Pilot the best practices and scaled up to test their effectiveness in projects sponsored by governments, IFAD, and other funders,” “c) Encourage dialogue in a systematic structure amongst the various policy makers on promoting the best practices in providing financial services to the rural poor will be created,” “d) Disseminate of these best practices through workshops, conferences and knowledge hubs.”

The inception workshop is the first activity of the project. 


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