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Tuy, TCMPC, and NLDC Sign Memorandum of Agreement

Tuy, TCMPC, and NLDC Sign Memorandum of Agreement

On March 25, 2015, the National Livelihood Development Corporation signed a Memorandum of Agreement on Community-based Agro-Enterprise Development Project titled "Kumikitang Sakahan" with the Municipal Government of Tuy in Batangas and Tuy Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TCMPC) at Tuy Municipal Hall. NLDC was represented by its Officer-in-Charge, Edelwin M. Fajardo, Tuy Municipal Government was represented by its Mayor, Hon. Jose Jecerell C. Cerrado, and TCMPC was represented by its General Manager and CEO Roberto Matalog.

The MOA Signing was witnessed by farmers from 4 barangays in Tuy, TCMPC Board members and employees, and NLDC staff.

NLDC aspires to implement a Community-based Agro-enterprise Development Project titled "Kumikitang Sakahan" or KUSA in Tuy similar to the program initiated in Lipa, Batangas in 2013. The main goal of the project is to enable small farmers increase their income through agro-enterprise development and market linkages with support services coming from microfinance institutions and the city government.

Before the signing, the 3 signatories gave their messages to the farmers. Mr. Matalog, in his message, reminded the participants: "Ngayonang katuparan ng ating mga pangarap... ang pagsasaka ang susi ng kayamanan". He also emphasized that in other countries, the farmers are the ones who become rich, but here in our country the farmers remain poor as the traders are those who siphon the money. He also asked the farmers to love the land they are tilling and to teach their children to be more industrious. He ended his message by telling the farmers "Ang pag-unlad po ay nagagawa".

Mr. Fajardo, in his message, reminisced what happened during the Memorandum of Agreement signing among City Government of Lipa, TCMPC, and NLDC in 2013. He recalled that the scheduled signing occurred at the height of typhoon Yolanda, and the NLDC President and some of the NLDC employees still went to Batangas for the event. "Sabi ng President namin tumuloy pa rin kami. May madatnan man na farmers o wala, at least naipakita natin yung commitment natin sa kanila". The NLDC delegates were glad to see the farmers attending the event, somehow indicating that they really want their income and their lives to improve. Mr. Fajardo emphasized that this commitment and focus helped the farmers reach almost a million income during the first few months of implementation of the project.

He prodded farmers to devote themselves to the project, be disciplined, and stick to the agreement with NLDC, TCMPC, the Municipal Government, and most especially with the institutional buyer. To encourage the Tuy farmers, he cited the experience of the Lipa farmers who at first did not think that they eventually will be able to talk to big companies directly, but trainings and seminars helped them become more confident, more knowledgeable about entrepreneurship, and more determined. He ended his message by telling the farmers that NLDC's happiness is in seeing their lives improve.

Tuy Mayor, Hon. Cerrado welcomed the guests from outside of Tuy and committed that he would give all his support to the program and to the farmers. He promised that the farmers of KUSA in Tuy will be prioritized in using the LGU-owned tractor. He asked the farmers to openly communicate their needs with the Municipal office so they may be included in the annual budget preparation.



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