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Most Outstanding Microentrepreneur for Luzon 1

Alegria D. Benitez

Bgy. Balagan, Binmaley, Pangasinan

Nominee-client of the Rural Bank of Malasiqui, Inc. (RBMI)



Chicken manure, dried tobacco leaves, midribs and stalks, old tires. Who would think that these waste materials would bring thousands of income to simple fishpond caretakers?


Yes! Entrepreneur Alegria Benitez earned a total net income of P580,000 in 2008 from  total sales of P1.17 million, definitely a far cry from their daily-wage days.


With borrowed money from the Rural Bank of Malasiqui and their knowledge and skills acquired from running fishponds for almost three decades, Alegria and her husband, Felipe ventured into the  production of green algae as feed meal for fish. Through the years, the couple has perfected their processing techniques and word of the high-grade quality of their product has spread through their customers. The demand for their organically-produced rich algae steadily increased and in a short period of time, they became the major suppliers in Western Pangasinan.


Their success story is not without the usual twists and turns. In May, 2008, super typhoon Cosme destroyed their house, a store which they have put up, and their warehouse. But then again, as in any success story, the heroes never gave up. They rebuilt their business and strived even more to sustain their enterprises.


They participated in the integrated Agro-Industrial Development Program for Hog Raising conducted by the RBMI. Alegria, became a member of the Women’s Brigade in her community and participated in the NLDC-sponsored seminar of Generate Your Business Idea (Paglikha ng Ideyang Pang-Negosyo). Her newly-acquired knowledge pushed her to diversify and expand her businesses. She engaged in the use of old tires for pots, humps, and fences, and put up a backyard piggery and sari-sari store.


Alegria’s determination and perseverance gained for her great dividends. Now, all but two of her 13 children have graduated. Among her children, she has four engineering graduates, two nurses, a teacher, and an agriculturist.

National Winner and Most Outstanding Microentrepreneur for Luzon 2

Soledad M. Aycocho

Bascaran, Daraga, Albay
Nominee-client of the Entrepreneurs Alumni Development Cooperative (EADCOOP)



It all started with Chicharon Manok – a project feasibility study by a young student of BS Entrepreneurship.


This business concept coupled with an innate entrepreneurial spirit brought Soledad Marbella (now married to Rogelio Aycocho) to where she is now – a successful businesswoman who made popular Bicol’s Chicharon Manok.


With limited capital, Sol ventured into the business with sheer gut and determination. She joined EADCOOP in 2001 so she could avail of additional capital. With four workers, she produced chicharon manok and introduced it to the market thru free taste testing at the malls and groceries. The product was well received and became prominent. It is now being sold in more than 50 outlets in Bicol.  Not one to sit on her laurels, Sol ventured into other businesses.


A good opportunity came when EADCOOP sold some bakery equipment to Sol when local pastry shop closed. Now more experienced, she and her husband turned this bakery business into a big asset. They now deliver their bread, cookies and pastries to sari-sari stores and groceries in Daraga and Legazpi. She is also engaged in direct selling business. From four workers, they now have 23 regular employees. Moreover, Sol shares her blessings by providing snacks to the community during barangay assemblies and forums.


Her passion of doing business led her to venture into the mini-grocery business. She put up the store in a very strategic location and it is now responsible for 25% of the consolidated income of the Aycocho enterprise. Today, Sol’s annual net income is more than P500,000.  The business also has an estimated project assets of P1.2 million.


Because of her strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sol is all set to take her Chicharon Manok to the next level. She is planning to take the business to Pangasinan where resources are abundant. This time, she wants to introduce new flavors to her product like chili, garlic, adobo, and barbecue.

Most Outstanding Microentrepreneur for Visayas

Delano G. Dela Cruz

Camaligan, Batan, Aklan

Nominee-client of the Taytay sa Kauswagan, Inc. (TSKI)



Typhoon Frank devastated the island of Panay  in June 2008. Delano de la Cruz and his wife, Gloria, were devastated as well, as the typhoon greatly affected their crab and prawn business. But simple folk as they were, they refused to give up. They assessed the damage to their business, took stock of the situation and looked for ways to solve the problem.


Armed with grit and determination, they joined the PKK program of TSKI for a loan to salvage and further improve their prawn and crab business. With added knowledge which he gained from seminars and trainings sponsored by TSKI, Delano was able earn a lot more from the business.


Delano may not have gone to business school but they are enterprising in the true sense of the word. Soon, he invited distributors to expand his market to nearby provinces. They also diversified by putting up a grocery store and later went into the transport business. He now operates 4 motorcycles and 2 motorboats.


Delano has earned the reputation of being the most successful businessman in his community. Aside from being busy with his enterprises, he is leading the 24-member barangay council and serves as the model for people who go into business in their community because of his good practices. He now employs 40 sales agents for his crab and prawn business. He also has acres of land where he plants agricultural crops to augment their income. His sari-sari store is the main outlet for consumer goods and their enterprise has a gross sales of P868,000 in 2008.


Their children Glodel, taking up BS Nursing, and Dolgie, a BS Education student attend Aklan State University.  Delljay and Glaidel are both in high school, while the new addition to the family, 10-month old Glandel has given Delano and Gloria more inspiration to do even better.

Most Outstanding Microentrepreneur for Mindanao

Dulce L. Silvosa

Poblacion, Cateel, Davao Oriental

Nominee-client of the Ad Jesum Development Foundation Inc. (AJDFI)



Dulce Silvosa literally has a sweet life. This domestic helper turned entrepreneur now enjoys a lucrative business of computer services, school supplies, photo framing, and e-loading. On top of that, she is an active member of the community.


Tita Dulce, as she is fondly called, set out for greener pastures in Saudi Arabia. Although a Chemical Engineering graduate, she worked as a domestic helper for thirteen years in that country suffering from sheer loneliness and degradation. Finally, she decided to return home. Back in Davao Oriental, she worked for one year but realized that being a mere employee will get her nowhere. So she ventured into a small business with the help of the AJDFI.


Her first business was food vending at the Maryknoll High School canteen but due to stiff competition, she barely earned enough. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong determination, she opened her current business. With her track record of good payment, she was able to get substantial loans to keep her business going. She now has a computer shop that has 17 PC units, photocopying and mimeographing machines, cell phone accessories, and a small eatery. She employs five regular workers.


She shows her dedication and desire to help others in the community by rendering service as a microfinance center leader. She tries to impart discipline, honesty, and the importance of prompt repayment of loans. “Kung magaling kang magbayad ng utang sa takdang araw, makakautang ka ulit ng mas malaki pa kung kinakailangan” she advises her fellow members.

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